About Homebirth


Midwives have been the attendants of birth throughout history.  Tradition, necessity or choice brought women to Midwifery.  The practice of Midwifery has been preserved through time and continues in every part of the world.  Today, Midwives are the specialists in homebirth and experts on normal and natural birth.  

A Certified Professional Midwives (CPM) is an independent professional, who is educated, trained, and skilled in caring for the normal processes surrounding reproduction and in recognizing and managing complications that arise and may require physician care.  A CPM has met the standards of the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM) for certification and maintains her certification through continual education, peer review, and practice.


In the United States less than 1% of births take place out of the hospital but according to the Center for Disease Control, Midwife attended out-of-hospital birth rates have been on the rise since 2004.  Out-of-hospital birth rates differ drastically around the world.  Of the industrialized nations, the rates vary from 30% in the Netherlands to rates such as 1% in the United States.    
For many healthy women, Midwife attended homebirth is a safe birthing option that involves less intervention and provides a more comfortable and supportive birthing environment.  homebirth is a preferred option for many families.  Just like each person, the reason for choosing homebirth is unique.  Midwife attended homebirth offers:


  • Individualized Care – Although Midwives have a defined scope of practice and follow set protocols we strive to provide care that is specific to the physical and emotional health of each woman and family.  We understand that health is a holistic process and aim to honor each element that contributes to an individuals wellbeing.

  • Informed Choice – We believe that women should be participants and decision makers in their own health care.  We provide education on tests and procedures and encourage families to educate themselves in order to make the best decision for their specific situation.   

  • Family Oriented – Midwives realize that birth is more than just the birth of a baby.  We honor the idea that a new dimension of family is born with each birth.  We support your decision to include whomever is important for you to have as a part of this event.     

  • Home Based – For many women, giving birth in their own home offers comfort and reassurance.  Women are familiar with their environment and can be in control of many elements contributing to their birthing experience such as food, lighting, sounds, attendants, location, etc.  homebirth does not require you to travel while in labor; your Midwives come to you! 

  • Midwife Supported Labor - Midwives are “hands on” health care providers.  We are with women through their labors, offering comfort measures and support, as well as monitoring their physical, psychological, and emotional wellbeing.

  • Normal and Natural Birth/Low Interventions – At home Midwives use natural comfort measures, encourage physical movement & position changes and support women to follow their natural instincts during their birthing process.  We aim to not interfere with the natural process of birth.