Midwifery Services

Free Consultation:

Take the time to meet and talk with us before making a decision about your care. During a consultation, you have as much time as you need to discuss your questions regarding homebirth and our practices.

Prenatal Care:

Prenatal visits take place at our office in Whitefield on the beautiful grounds of The Sheepscot General Store and Farm. Prenatal visits are scheduled once a month until 28 wks of pregnancy, every other week between 28-36 weeks and once a week from 36 wks until your baby is born.

Our comprehensive prenatal assessment helps ensure that your pregnancy is advancing normally and that homebirth continues to be a good option for you. During the prenatal period we:

  • Monitor the health and wellbeing of you and your baby
  • Provide nutritional counseling
  • Provide necessary educational materials
  • Offer all routine prenatal screening tests after discussing the risks and benefits of each and allowing you to make an informed decision about them
  • Allow as much time as needed to discuss your questions and concerns


Labor / Birth:

As your due-date approaches, you can look forward to welcoming your new baby in the comfort of your home!

As your Midwives, our responsibility is to ensure that you have a safe delivery and are provided with comfort measures to help ease the progression of labor. To achieve this, we provide continuous hands-on assistance, carefully monitoring the wellbeing of you and your baby and offering relief measures when appropriate. During your labor, we encourage you to eat, hydrate and move around as you wish.

Water birth is an option for those who are interested!

After your birth, we stay at your home and continue to monitor you and your baby until you are both in stable conditions.

*Should a situation arise that requires hospital care, we will accompany our client and their family to the hospital and remain with them for the duration of their labor/birth.


We provide five routine postpartum visits. They are scheduled for day 1, day 3, day 10, week 3, and week 6. During the postpartum period, we provide:

  • Routine assessments, monitoring your health and the normal physical changes that occur postpartum
  • Lactation guidance, providing information and assistance with breastfeeding
  • Well-Baby care, assessing the growth and health of your baby
  • We offer all routine postpartum screening tests for you and your baby

Additionally, we provide infertility and pre-conception counseling.